Together for a quarter of a century
Established in 1993 by a group of visionary management school deans, CEEMAN, the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

In 2018, after a quarter of a century since its creation, CEEMAN stands strong as a global network with more than 220 members from over 55 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

This special website honours all our members and provided a virtual space to share our collective and individual achievements, reflect on the past and present, and together – set the path of CEEMAN into the future.
CEEMAN President Prof. Danica Purg on the
25th Anniversary of CEEMAN
Reflections from the CEEMAN Board Members
Bringing together the good, the relevant and the best. Combining that with new ideas, innovations, entrepreneurial spirit, and relevance to the community, local community. That is what CEEMAN has always been about, still is, and how it should be.
Virginijus Kundrotas
CEEMAN Vice-President for Northern Europe
Dean of Adizes Graduate School, US;
President, BMDA - Baltic Management Development Association, Lithuania
We joined CEEMAN in 1995. From day one we had an ambition to be an international business school and this was a very good opportunity. It got us access to the international community. Over the years we grew together with CEEMAN. It is a very human and customer-oriented management development association.
Irina Sennikova
CEEMAN Vice-President
Rector of RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology, Latvia
I have been involved with CEEMAN for the whole of its life, 25 years, and I have not really changed my mind: CEEMAN means for me an organization that pays special attention to the special needs of countries which are in some kind of rising economies. There is no other institution, no organization of management schools anywhere in the world like CEEMAN.
Derek Abell
President of IQA Accreditation Committee
Professor Emeritus, ESMT - European School of Management and Technology, Germany
CEEMAN gives international accreditation. It gives a chance to open the gate for cooperation with other business and management schools. I observe it also as a rector of Kozminski University: how relations of my school changed with the others, both inside and outside of Poland. This is something that is very useful.
Witold Bielecki
Rector, Kozminski University, Poland
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To me CEEMAN means quite a lot. As a member I have seen the growth in two perspectives: on the board level and on the personal level. I see the role of CEEMAN as a very strong and proactive change agent and entrepreneurial contributor to what management education in this part of the world is doing and what it has to do.
Gazmend Haxhia
Vice-President for Corporate Relations
President, ACMS and A.S.G. Group, Albania
CEEMAN, its members, its board, its accreditation did a lot for our university. Especially in the initial stage when the picture was not clear, the road was not clear. How to develop, where to develop, what is right, what is good, what is not? CEEMAN helped. It promoted our managers, directors of programs, the faculty, it promoted what quality in business education means.
Assylbek Kozhakhmetov
Vice-President for Central Asia
President, Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan
In the West we have an incredible turmoil now. So here in Europe we all look East, we all look South for pro-growth economies, for business opportunities, for collaborations, for new ways of working. In this regard, CEEMAN's mission to build up management education that is supporting the development of the society is hugely relevant.
Seán Meehan
The Martin Hilti Professor of Marketing and Change Management, IMD Lausanne, Switzerland
For me personally CEEMAN is a kind of a team of my good friends. At the same time, it is an association of management development. As to social responsibility, as to the mission of CEEMAN I do believe that this is probably the only association, which tries to follow its mission, which tries to be not formal but very pragmatically oriented, very oriented toward helping its members.
Sergey Mordovin
Rector, IMISP - International Management Institute St Petersburg, Russia
When many years ago at the start of the CEEMAN movement I was a young dean of a young business school, I remember that I was asking for assistance at the doors of many associations. The association that used to help me immediately with networking, with valuable piece of advice, with certain workshops - it was first of all CEEMAN. CEEMAN is a very special and friendly association.
Sergey Myasoedov
Vice-President for Russia
Vice-Rector of the Academy of the Russian President, Dean, IBS-Moscow, President of the Russian Association of Business Education (RABE), Russia
If I look back 25 years ago I realize how important CEEMAN was for many institutions of the countries that had left the former economic system and joined the market economy. CEEMAN was a point where everybody could meet other colleagues, also some representatives from the Western countries, like me for example. I always remember the words of Danica Purg when she said to look to the West to learn from the best and leave the rest.
Vladimir Nanut
Dean, MIB-School of Management, Italy
We see CEEMAN rising in the last 25 years. We see members benefitting from it. In China we are facing similar problems as CEEMAN members. So I think that China can learn a lot from CEEMAN's experience.
Xiaobo Wu
Vice-President for China
Former Dean of School of Management, Zhejiang University, China
Reflections from CEEMAN Members and Friends
Dr. Leonid Evenko
Honorary President, Russian Association for Business Education (RABE), Russia
Prof. Imran Akperov
Rector, Southern University (IMBL), Russia
IPM Business School
Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova
President, MIM Business School, Ukraine
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Mr. Andrei Sharonov
President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Dr. Tom Robinson
President and Chief Executive Officer, AACSB International, USA
Dr. Prof. Irina Skorobogatykh
Head of the Department of Marketing, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Dr. Dirk Craen
President, EU Business School, Genève, Switzerland
Dr. Bohdan Budzan
Founder and CEO of the Management Consulting Center, former President of MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine
Dr. Seda Nasibyan
Dean of the Department of Finance and Banking, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia
Prof. Piotr Buła
Director of Cracow School of Business, Cracow University of Economics;
Head of International Management Department, Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
Prof. Piet Naudé
Director of University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
CEEMAN: 25 Years of Creating History
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