2018 and beyond

2018 and beyond
CEEMAN will continue to offer its successful programs and services. The 2018 and 2019 agenda feature the following:

- EdTech – Seminar on Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning;

- Workshop on "Leading the Way in Management Development" for deans and their teams (NEW!);

- PMS (Program Management Seminar);

- IMTA (International Management Teachers' Academy);

- Celebration of 20 years of IMTA in 2019;

- 24th CEEMAN Case Writing Competition;

- CEEMAN Champions Award.

Inspired by its past, at the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Prague on September 20, CEEMAN is launching what CEEMAN President Prof. Danica Purg calls "much more than a document": the CEEMAN Manifesto.
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The CEEMAN Manifesto
CEEMAN's board has repeatedly discussed the role that CEEMAN could play in engineering a badly-needed course correction in management education and research. With 230 members from 55 countries representing institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China, Africa, and Latin America, as well as participation from the more established economies of Western Europe and the United States, CEEMAN is uniquely placed to play such a role. The center of gravity of innovation in many products and services has already shifted from West to East, and there are strong reasons to believe that management development may be next in line.

The discussions have resulted in the preparation of the CEEMAN Manifesto Changing the Course of Management Development: Combining Excellence with Relevance, a group effort led by Derek Abell, CEEMAN board member and IQA accreditation committee president. The Manifesto outlines key areas where change is urgently needed to make management education more relevant to the needs of business and society. It takes into account implications of the earlier Carnegie and Ford reports, as well as recent discussions among management educators about the urgent need for change.

The CEEMAN Manifesto, to which members of the CEEMAN board are signatories, attempts to understand the real nature of management and leadership, and from that to draw conclusions about what the future shape of management education and research should look like. It is neither a return to the founding years of management development, nor a continuation down the cul-de-sac toward which many management schools now appear to be headed. Rather, its goal is to re-establish relevance alongside excellence as the way forward.

"The Manifesto is much more than a document. It is the start of a movement for our CEEMAN members to change the future for management education institutions in dynamic societies", said CEEMAN President Danica Purg. To be officially launched at the 26th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Prague on 20 September, the Manifesto will be circulated widely to opinion leaders of top business schools across the world, corporations, EU leadership, government officials and policy makers, and academic accreditation associations.

Is the content of the CEEMAN Manifesto special also with regard to the CEEMAN dictionary? Yes it is. If what happened at the annual conferences in the 2013-2017 period is called irreverently "business as usual", an analysis of the frequently used notions gives, as we saw before, the following results:

· Business

· Management

· Research

· Business schools

· International

· Change

If we analyze the Manifesto in the same manner, the result is strikingly different:

· Management

· Relevant

· Excellence

· Business

· Change

· Management development

"Excellence" and "relevance" are giving guidance for to the future to CEEMAN and, hopefully, to every management development institution in the world.
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Text — Arnold Walravens, 2018

Production and Design — Artyom Ushnichkov, 2018