Dr. Norman de Paula Arruda Filho
President of ISAE - Brazilian Business School, Brazil
Prof. Piotr Buła
Director of Cracow School of Business, Cracow University of Economics;
Head of International Management Department, Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
These 25 years of success offer a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the history of the CEEMAN and the important contributions it has made to the quality of management education. Starting its activities initially focused on Central and Eastern Europe gradually has become a global network. I am deeply convinced that constant strive for excellence in every area of its activity is influential in creating a better and more sustainable future for our world.

25 years of CEEMAN's experience was also a key in the decision to join the association. Furthermore, as one of the new members we have a reason to be proud of the CEEMAN's past and excited about its future. We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation which will be an extraordinary opportunity for further development of our School. We also sincerely believe that through our membership we would make a contribution to such an outstanding society.

Allow me to join the flow of congratulations especially to the founders members. Thanks to their passion, efforts and belief in vitality of the CEEMAN association they made their visions a reality. 25 years of people, ideas and achievements that continue to transform and benefit the world. Once again I would like to congratulate the whole CEEMAN community on their progress and I would like to wish all success in the future raising efforts.

Cracow School of Business is a member of CEEMAN since January 2018
Prof. Piet Naudé
Director of University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
Dr. Seda Nasibyan
Dean of the Department of Finance and Banking, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia
CEEMAN for us is a team of professionals, led by the permanent president Dr. Danica Purg. This team contributes to the development of human capital in order to ensure sustainable growth.

In 2011, when the Faculty of Banking and Finance of the Academy under the President of the Russian Federation was 10 years old, our faculty applied to CEEMAN for an evaluation of international activities and successfully passed accreditation.

The main value of CEEMAN: Creation of a comfortable zone for the professional elite - representatives of science, education, business, professional and public organizations, for the professionals who are keen on the idea of creating conditions for sustainable business development and compliance with the principles of business ethics and social responsibility.

Achievements: CEEMAN provides the possibility for collective discussions of large-scale transformations in education aimed at the formation of new efficient development models.

CEEMAN has always contributed to the development of leadership qualities and young talents. CEEMAN organizes and conducts conferences on business and education and delivers best practices.

Dr. Bohdan Budzan
Founder and CEO of the Management Consulting Center, former President of MIM-Kyiv, Ukraine
CEEMAN, for almost ten years of my professional life, was a powerful intellectual source from which I learned knowledge, gained experience and used them in my work as the President of the International Management Institute IMI-Kiev. I am grateful to the President of CEEMAN, Professor Danica Purg, and to all colleagues for the opportunity to join the work of this respectable international organization as a Member of the CEEMAN Board and Director for Accreditation.

I am also grateful for the help that our institute has received from teachers through IMTA, for inspirational dozens of conferences, which gathered knowledge, experience and partnerships.

I warmly congratulate the members of CEEMAN, as well as partners on the 25th Anniversary, and I give all my wishes for further prosperity and growth. Vivat Danica !!! Vivat CEEMAN !!!
Dr. Dirk Craen
President, EU Business School, Genève, Switzerland
We are delighted to extend our very warm wishes to congratulate CEEMAN on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. On behalf of EU Business School, we send you, and all the members of CEEMAN our congratulations!

Over the past 25 years, CEEMAN has worked tirelessly and with dedication and vision with the aim of accelerating both the growth and quality of management development in Central and Eastern Europe.

EU Business School is very proud to be a member of the outstanding CEEMAN community dedicated to the development and continuous innovation in the quality of education in the field of business and management,

Our warmest regards and best wishes for the next 25 years of Excellence in Education!

Dr. Prof. Irina Skorobogatykh
Head of the Department of Marketing, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (RUE) is an institutional member of CEEMAN. Professors and researchers of Plekhanov RUE participate in different programs for professional teaching and research development!

I am so proud that my home university gives me responsibility to be the contact person and coordinator of this very productive relationship! CEEMAN is constantly improving its mission to help business education to touch the latest achievements in economics and management. Starting as an association for educational institutions and business schools in Central and Eastern Europe, now CEEMAN members are representing different countries and continents, and it helps members to collaborate, to build networks not only between institutions, but also between persons.

The IMTA - International Management Development Program is a best example of a very advanced and helpful program to improve teaching excellence and even to transform the personal motivation and understanding of the role of professors in business and management education in modern world.

No doubts, that every program, research projects and other activities would not be possible without personal motivation, involvement in every little detail of the CEEMAN operations of its President, Dr. Danica Purg!

One of the most ambitious and very interesting projects of CEEMAN is its study of business of companies – "Hidden Champions in Central and Eastern Europe" was also initiated by CEEMAN and professor Purg! I am part of this project since 2010, and it is so interesting to study business experience of Russian companies. It gives me and my colleagues a unique opportunity to visit companies all around Russia, find interesting and very innovative cases, analyse this information and present as business cases in classes for students of different educational programs!

On behalf of Plekhanov RUE (my home university), and from myself I would like to express so many warm wishes to CEEMAN association and to all colleagues working there on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary. I would like to wish Professor Danica Purg and her team a lot of new ideas, interesting projects, nice friends, deep discussions and all the best!

Dr. Tom Robinson
President and Chief Executive Officer, AACSB, USA
Mr. Andrei Sharonov
President, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
On behalf of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO allow me to extend our sincere congratulations to your company for completing 25 glorious years of success. Congratulations on reaching such an important milestone.

With all your sincerity and valour during all these years you have been creating a huge global network of people dedicated to developing and improving management education globally.

We are honoured to be a member of CEEMAN Association and truly appreciate your valuable contribution to the creation of the community comprising the institutions interested in quality and innovations in the management education.

SKOLKOVO team would like to wish you all the success for many more years to come.
Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova
President, MIM Business School, Ukraine
Dear CEEMAN members,

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. It has been a long and exciting journey. Started as a regional association of the schools and countries which were terra incognita for the world it has become a global organization bridging well-established and ambitious newcomers, East and West, latest innovations and solid roots.

So much has been done due to the efforts of an outstanding woman, Danica Purg. Due to her vision, her effort, her resilience, ambition and wisdom the whole world has become CEEMAN's playground. As a true high-flyer she formed a team of a-players. True leader followed by an impressive team managed to launch a number of initiatives which have been relevant to our managerial and academic landscape. IMTA, program management seminars, leaders and EdTech seminars are those products which are relevant for the whole industry both regionally and globally.

As IMTA alumna I have always found IMTA generated ideas, knowledge and skills relevant for my school and for the industry globally.

Today is the day to be proud of what we have accomplished and are ready for the new challenges. Happy anniversary!

Prof. Imran Akperov
Rector, Southern University (IMBL), Russia
Your anniversary is a great event not only for the CEEMAN Association but for the whole European system of business education. We are sure that your team has enough potential to move forward keeping the best traditions.

We wish you interesting and productive work, great creative achievements, good health, personal happiness and further prosperity.
Dr. Leonid Evenko
Honorary President, Russian Association for Business Education (RABE), Russia
I congratulate you from all my heart with the 25th anniversary.

This historical period proved that CEEMAN is a pioneering association which made real breakthrough in mindset, hearts and practical deals of representatives of newly created educational organizations and progressive managers in our countries.

We were brave and never hesitated to face new challenges and to solve very difficult and innovative problems.

CEEMAN not only survived but became the recognized leader of business education with the real influence not only in developed countries but also in world business. It attracted organizations and people seeking new ways in new fields of knowledge and activities.

Russian Association of Business Education is proud to go together with CEEMAN beside each other and heart to heart. We love you my dear colleagues Danica Purg, Milenko Gudic, Derek Abell, Andrzej Kozminski and all others. CEEMAN leaders are unique people - inspired, brave, innovative and highly professional, who have been examples for all of us.

I wish you great success, good health and real leadership in business education world. Not only the best 25 years but the long period in future.

Address: CEEMAN Office, Presernova cesta 33, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Phone: +386 4 57 92 505; +386 4 57 92 570
E-mail: info (at)